Drawing from God's Word and her unique journey, Ginger loves to encourage and inspire the hearts of women. Because of the trials that God has taken her through, Ginger truly has a way of connecting with women. She has a desire to lead women in worship and into a closer walk with Christ through Biblical principles and practical application. Oh, and a whole lot of hilarious stories!

A gifted storyteller and communicator, Ginger has a passion for the truths and promises of God's Word. She brings humor, depth, and heartfelt worship to any women's event.

Ginger is available for a one night women's event, brunches and teas, Christmas events, retreats, or women's conferences. 


"Everything We Need"

This conference is based on Biblical principles that Ginger has learned through the trials that she has experienced. Because of the difficult circumstances God has taken Ginger through, she has a passion to help women walk successfully through trials. Using solid Biblical principles, stories and examples from Scripture, practical tips, and lots of humor, Ginger communicates God's comfort and help to endure through the valleys. No matter what season of life each woman is in, this conference is applicable and encouraging to all. This conference is based on her latest book, "Everything We Need: His Strength for our Journey."

"Living a Worthy Life—A Walk through Colossians."

In this conference Ginger addresses what it looks like to live life in light of the Gospel. Because through His divine power, "He has given us everything we need for life and godliness" we truly can live a life that is worthy. This conference is based on the truths of Colossians and is full of principles from God’s Word and practical application. Ginger tactfully deals with the difficult topics women face in our culture, including purity and sexual immorality. Her goal is that women would leave this conference truly encouraged to put off the old and bring on the new.

Ginger is available as:  
Keynote Speaker
Worship Leader
Concert & Events
Retreats & Conferences
Spring & Fall Kick-offs
Pro-Life Events
Christmas Teas & Events
Mother/Daughter Banquets & more


Our Spring Retreat with Ginger was the best ever! Rave reviews from the women at our church just keep pouring in.  Ginger is a gift to women of all ages.  Her testimony and concert usher in the power and presence of our Lord; which only serves to bring weight and meaning to her sessions.  The suffering that she has walked through and the power of our Lord to Heal, Save and Redeem in her life, give Ginger the right to speak about the areas in our heart that need the deep work.  If you desire a retreat that keeps working on your heart long after the rush of the weekend, invite Ginger to set the tone for the Spirit to move, you will not be disappointed!
Cheryl Meakins, Women's Ministries Chair              
Arvada Covenant Church, Arvada, CO

I can’t recommend Ginger Millermon highly enough! Her personal stories bring the Scriptures to life and keep her audience on the edge of their seat. For weeks to come they talk about how she moved them to be more in awe of God’s power. She’s warm, relatable and highly engaging, which makes women invite her back again and again. Her passion for the souls of women make her an excellent choice for your next event!       Kris Goertzen Women's Ministry Director                            Shades Mountain Community Church, Birmingham, AL


"Ginger Millermon uses her story to relate to anyone who has ever needed to trust God--all of us! With a unique blend of worship and teaching she encourages her audience to connect with God. Her refreshing voice and warm personality provide the invitation while her depth of Biblical knowledge and the authenticity of her own relationship with Jesus pave the way to His heart. Ginger was more than a great speaker, I feel I have made a new friend!"  
Shery Miller Sioux City, IA
Compel Conference Coordinator


Ginger, you did a wonderful job of telling your story, leading us in worship, and lifting up the Lord through His Word and your songs. You have a remarkable and winsome way of speaking and relating to the women! As I said on Friday morning you definitely exhibit “the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is so precious to God.” (1 Pet 3:4 NLT) I believe the Lord has His hand on you and your family and will continue to use you to encourage and equip His church. Thank you for your willingness to be used by God.
Joel, you did a great job of communicating with me before the event and the sound was the best we have had for a women’s event in the past several months! (at least from where I was sitting!!) Thank you for all you do!... I hope you will come back to Sandy Cove.  
Candy Davison, Women's Ministry Coordinator    
Sandy Cove Ministries, North East, MD 

Ginger will capture your heart and hold you spellbound as you travel along with her on her journey of faith. Ginger's ability to praise and glorify God as she shares the struggles she and her husband faced, as well as the blessings they received, will truly leave your spirit renewed.
Ladies Seminar, Knox, PA

I recently had the privilege of ministering alongside Ginger Millermon at a conference in Kansas. I was truly blessed to see and hear music that was God-honoring and God-exalting. In this age when many are glorifying self and entertaining the crowds, it was refreshing to see one whose heart wants to honor God. The music was delightful and worshipful. I wholeheartedly recommend Ginger Millermon as a musician and worship leader.  
Susan J Heck  Author, Speaker, Counselor    

As we welcomed Ginger to Int'l Falls for our “Draw Near to the Father’s Heart” ladies retreat, I was very impressed with the depth with which Ginger spoke from. Her heart is so tender toward the Lord and that is what really shows in her speaking and of course her singing! After hearing Ginger sing, her songs are now embedded in my memory and therefore come out as praise to my God. Ginger speaks very honestly about her struggles with the Lord during the journey of tending to a very sick little twin baby boy. The pain was obvious but God certainly showed Himself mighty on their behalf as this frail little baby has now celebrated 12 years of life. It is indeed a gift from God when He brings us someone who can speak directly to the various struggles we carry and then encourage us to work through them and find release. I still sing Ginger's song "He Takes It All". It reminds me that God cares even more about the things I am concerned about and He also brings the healing needed to release those cares into His mighty hands. Thank you Ginger! You touched many hearts that weekend.    
Kimberly Dawn Nyborg   (Host of Vertical Connection)
International Falls, MN - Psalm 99:5 Radio Station

Thank you for the significant time you spent with us at our Christmas outreach event. Your sweet presence, beautiful voice, heart-stirring lyrics, compelling story and simple, yet clear Gospel presentation made a profound impact on unbelievers and believers alike.
We have heard many stories of women who made genuine decisions for Christ or took a step closer to Him. 
Laurie McIntyre, Elmbrook Church, WI

Ginger has blessed me. She has helped me to turn my life around. I always knew I could trust God, but I never thought about when trials come up, how I need to rely FULLY on God. Ginger spoke of so many verses in the Bible that really encouraged me to follow in my walk with Him. Especially the verse "Be still and know that I am God." That is a verse I will cherish the rest of my life. 
Elissa, NY

Ginger struck a sweet and resounding chord with us! Her compelling story, clear and simple gospel message, heart-stirring music and endearing personality made her a fabulous fit for our event! 
Elmbrook Church Brookfield, WI