"When artists sing about cold hearts and lost hope you wonder if they've really experienced such darkness. Ginger Millermon has. Urged by doctors to pull the plug on her infant son despite his high brain activity, she refused, putting her faith and pro-life zeal into action...[AMAZED is] an inspirational project full of upbeat praise and soothing ballads."       
Plugged In Magazine
Colorado Springs, CO - Focus on the Family


                       "I had the privilege of reading "Grace Thus Far." I loved it. Incredible story! It is powerful." Jim Daly Colorado Springs -Focus on the Family                                              (from Focus on the Family Radio Interview)


"An inspirational story of trusting God in the midst of great heartache."
John Fuller Colorado Springs -Focus on the Family


Ginger, you did a wonderful job of telling your story, leading us in worship, and lifting up the Lord through His Word and your songs. You have a remarkable and winsome way of speaking and relating to the women! You definitely exhibit “the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is so precious to God.” (1 Pet 3:4 NLT) I believe the Lord has His hand on you and your family and will continue to use you to encourage and equip His church. Thank you for your willingness to be used by God.
Joel, you did a great job of communicating with me before the event and the sound was the best we have had for a women’s event in the past several months! (at least from where I was sitting!!) Thank you for all you do! I hope you will come back to Sandy Cove. 

Candy Davison, Women's Ministry Coordinator    Sandy Cove Ministries


"I had the privilege of ministering with Ginger at a family camp and was touched by her heart, inspired by her testimony, and blessed by her gifts.  She has a genuine, infectious faith, and it was a particular joy seeing her family-based approach to ministry."

Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and Pure Pleasure


Joel & Ginger and their beautiful family have been wonderful examples of those who choose to trust God when there seemed to be little if any hope. As a result of all they have experienced they are wise beyond their years and live their lives in light of eternity. I am grateful for their influence in the lives of our staff and guests as they have ministered together with us on numerous occasions at Word of Life. 

Mike Bush VP – Inn Ministries
Schroon Lake, NY - Word of Life Fellowship Inc.


"I have been in the pastoral and teaching ministry for the last 23 years and am also the news editor for the AFA Journal... Ginger and her husband have a solid and effective ministry that is born out of humility before the Lord and a sincere compassion for those who are lost, troubled or bound by the snares of the Enemy. Ginger has a wonderful singing gift, and a heart to reach hurting people. They have a particularly moving testimony, and the people at Harvester have been blessed whenever we have had the privilege of having them come. Our people love Ginger and Joel, and they make a difference in people's lives." "... perhaps the greatest thing I can say about Ginger and Joel is that they are truly Christian ministers, rather that Christian entertainers...and in a world with such deep and heart-rending needs, most people need ministry."

 Ed Vitagliano
Pontotoc, MS Editor AFA Journal/ Harvester Church


We enjoyed having Ginger speak/sing at our Annual Women's Christmas Candlelight Dinner. She was such a blessing to our ladies!  Her authentic, casual, and humorous style as so refreshing!  Ginger is a gifted singer who presents a beautiful program of song and inspiration.  Our ladies are still buzzing about the evening!
Jan Edwards, Executive Director
Chino Hills Community Church, Chino Hills, CA


I have had a hard time finding the words I felt adequately expressed how much your testimony touched us. Our event was a tremendous success and our phone has not stopped ringing with people eager to get involved in supporting our ministry. I believe that God is using you to ignite a passion for His work in many people in our churches and communities.  
Family Life Services Pregnancy Center
Emporia, KS

We were so blessed to have Ginger Millermon as our special guest at our annual Women¹s Christmas Event this year, the women really enjoyed the evening!  Ginger has a wonderful personal story of faith and hope and she also has an amazing gift of singing that will bless and encourage any audience.
Karen Stevens Women's Ministry Leader
Rock Church, San Diego, CA

Ginger’s testimony and Gospel presentation were so clear and gave personal application to every woman attending our event; women from 16 to 90+.  No one hearing Ginger’s beautiful voice and presentation could have walked out of the venue without knowing that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!  
Annie Bennett, Women’s Network Director
Golden Hills Community Church   Brentwood, CA

"Ginger Millermon uses her story to relate to anyone who has ever needed to trust God--all of us! With a unique blend of worship and teaching she encourages her audience to connect with God. Her refreshing voice and warm personality provide the invitation while her depth of Biblical knowledge and the authenticity of her own relationship with Jesus pave the way to His heart. Ginger was more than a great speaker, I feel I have made a new friend!"  
  Shery Miller Sioux City, IA
Compel Conference Coordinator

Our Spring Retreat with Ginger was the best ever! Rave reviews from the women at our church just keep pouring in.  Ginger is a gift to women of all ages.  Her testimony and concert usher in the power and presence of our Lord; which only serves to bring weight and meaning to her sessions.  The suffering that she has walked through and the power of our Lord to Heal, Save and Redeem in her life, give Ginger the right to speak about the areas in our heart that need the deep work.  If you desire a retreat that keeps working on your heart long after the rush of the weekend, invite Ginger to set the tone for the Spirit to move, you will not be disappointed!    
Cheryl Meakins
Women's Ministries Chair Arvada Covenant Church, Arvada, CO


I recently had the privilege of ministering alongside Ginger Millermon at a conference in Kansas. I was truly blessed to see and hear music that was God-honoring and God-exalting. In this age when many are glorifying self and entertaining the crowds, it was refreshing to see one whose heart wants to honor God. The music was delightful and worshipful. I wholeheartedly recommend Ginger Millermon as a musician and worship leader.  
Susan J Heck  
Author, Speaker, Counselor

 As we welcomed Ginger to Int'l Falls for our “Draw Near to the Father’s Heart” ladies retreat, I was very impressed with the depth with which Ginger spoke from. Her heart is so tender toward the Lord and that is what really shows in her speaking and of course her singing! After hearing Ginger sing, her songs are now embedded in my memory and therefore come out as praise to my God. Ginger speaks very honestly about her struggles with the Lord during the journey of tending to a very sick little twin baby boy. The pain was obvious but God certainly showed Himself mighty on their behalf as this frail little baby has now celebrated 12 years of life. It is indeed a gift from God when He brings us someone who can speak directly to the various struggles we carry and then encourage us to work through them and find release. I still sing Ginger's song "He Takes It All". It reminds me that God cares even more about the things I am concerned about and He also brings the healing needed to release those cares into His mighty hands. Thank you Ginger! You touched many hearts that weekend.    
Kimberly Dawn Nyborg  
 (Host of Vertical Connection) International Falls, MN - Psalm 99:5 Radio Station

 Thank you for the significant time you spent with us at our Christmas outreach event. Your sweet presence, beautiful voice, heart-stirring lyrics, compelling story and simple, yet clear Gospel presentation made a profound impact on unbelievers and believers alike.
We have heard many stories of women who made genuine decisions for Christ or took a step closer to Him.
Laurie McIntyre, Elmbrook Church, WI

Ginger will capture your heart and hold you spellbound as you travel along with her on her journey of faith. Ginger's ability to praise and glorify God as she shares the struggles she and her husband faced, as well as the blessings they received, will truly leave your spirit renewed.
Ladies Seminar, Knox, PA

Ginger struck a sweet and resounding chord with us! Her compelling story, clear and simple gospel message, heart-stirring music and endearing personality made her a fabulous fit for our event! 
Elmbrook Church Brookfield, WI


“After having Ginger and her family with us recently, I wholeheartedly recommend her to you.  My own family and I, and our entire church family, thoroughly enjoyed Ginger’s ministry.  But more importantly, we were challenged by her family’s love for Christ and compassionate faith.  Her testimony exalted Christ and His work in the life of her family.  And her music was biblically solid and deeply moving.  It was a great evening.”        
Tom Pennington
Pastor-teacher of Countryside Bible Church in Dallas, Texas


 Ginger and Joel, thanks so much for the wonderful concert Sunday night! It was truly a worshipful time and a blessing to everyone who attended. Ginger, you made everyone feel comfortable and at ease with your personable presentation and your beautiful singing. And Joel, you made everything behind the scenes run smoothly to make the sound and video presentation excellent. Your godly hearts and gracious spirits shine throughout the performance as well as the "behind the scenes" time. Your on-stage presentation was very professional without ever being slick or manufactured. Our entire staff was very complimentary regarding your time with us. I pray that God will richly bless your ministry and your family in the days ahead.                 
 Harry Ross
Minister of Worship First Baptist East Lawton, OK


It is with great joy that I recommend Ginger Millermon. Ginger is one of the most gifted Christian music artists that I know. Ginger’s music is inspirational and she is a person of impeccable integrity. God has used the Millermons to build up the body of Christ and glorify our Father in Heaven. It is my hope that as you seek a Christian music artist you might prayerfully consider Ginger. Joel, Ginger and their precious children will bless every congregation that affords them the opportunity.     
Joe Bunce Albuquerque, NM
 Executive Director The Baptist Convention of NM

It was a delight to have Ginger Millermon at our Women's Christmas Celebration event. Her music was beautiful and her personal stories drew you straight to God's heart! Ginger is sure to bring encouragement and inspiration to any event, and I highly recommend her!  
Rachel Johnston
Granite Bay, CA - Bayside Church

Dear Ginger and Joel; You just left from doing a conference at our church and from the moment we met you..We all felt a spirit of love immediately..You are now gone and I feel a piece of our family left. We had 260 women at our Conference and for every single comment card to come back positive you knew that event was blessed. We had so many comments from the women who attended saying that they were changed by your message or seeking a change. Praise God! Your singing was so instrumental in your message and everything flowed so smoothly that I knew God's perfect hand was all over it. I can't thank you enough for the way you have blessed the hearts of the women who attended and blessed the hearts of women who feel like you are now a part of our family. Thank you for your heart, Ginger! You truly will be remembered by our church as someone who touched all of us! God Bless your family always! We can't wait to have you back!  
Heather Trent Hanover, PA
Hanover Church of God Women's Conference

  We in the pastoral leadership at Calvary Chapel, Rio Rancho, wish to recommend the music and cultural ministry of Ginger Millermon. Ginger is a nationally known composer and recording artist with a biblical and relevant message for today's culture. Our fellowship and its leadership were blessed by her songs and her family's riveting testimony. We hope to have her minister again at our church!
 Pastor Robert Force Rio Rancho, NM
Calvary Chapel


The ministry of the Millermons has had a profound affect in my personal life and in the ministry of our church. It was my privilege to meet and know this dear family when they were going through so many trials. And even as I counted it a privilege to pray for them in those days they would also be so concerned regarding my need for prayer. That co-worker in Christ attitude of love continues even today. But then, to see how God used those difficult days to temper, refine and prepare these dear people for His use, and to witness the impact of their lives, testimonies and music among the people of God in our fellowship has been a joy! Their ministry is to be recommended because they are people who can be recommended."
Pastor Larry Pauley
Elim Baptist Church Rockford, Illinois


 Let me admit to being biased about Ginger and her music. Having met and spent some time with her and her husband Joel I've found them to be "real people" with "real problems". They have fought battles against the enemy that most of us would cringe to think of. But they know in whom they have believed and know that Jesus is able. This song expresses the Joy that comes in serving the Master. You can hear the passion in her voice and a confidence that she knows "the awesome deeds and the great power of God" That's the "biased" opinion. You listen and let me know if you hear the same thing. Before the song is over you might "Shout with Joy" 
Jim Stanley: comments about Ginger's radio single
Tupelo, MS - American Family Radio  

Thanks so much for pointing to the sufficiency of Christ! Your music and testimony made us see God’s glory and incredible love.  
Dan Smith Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts
Kansas City, KS - Olathe Bible Church

The music that Ginger shares are the songs written out of her journey of faith; songs with a message that the entire church needs to hear. If you bring in one new guest to your church this year, bring in Ginger Millermon!
Pastor Glenn Eubanks
Monroeville, AL - First Baptist Church of Monroeville

I want to wholeheartedly recommend Ginger Millermon and her ministry to your church. If you are interested in a time of ministry, worship and healing for your congregation, then I suggest you give Ginger the opportunity to minister in music and testimony with you. I know you will not regret it! 
Pastor Chason Farris
Satsuma, AL - First Baptist Church of Satsuma

Our church family was tremendously blessed by the ministry of Ginger Millermon! Her family story and beautiful music worked in powerful tandem to share hope and faith in our Lord. 
Pastor Phillip Carr
Tempe, AZ - First Baptist Church of Tempe